What is Service Learning?

For the ART 325 course at CSU, one requirement is to participate in Service Learning. This entails meeting once a week for five weeks to teach a group of students a set of techniques used in art. The students are all living with some form of disability, whether it is cognitive, physical or otherwise. The Service Learning is intended to provide future art educators with experience teaching a diverse group of learners and allow for learned theories to be put into practice. Four classmates and and I were privileged enough to have the opportunity to work with a group called Artistic Abilities this past semester.

In Service Learning we had the opportunity to work in the classroom setting with adults with disabilities. I had the pleasure of working alongside a group of adults, who were part of an organization called Artistic Abilities. We met each Tuesday night from 4-6 p.m, beginning on March 25th and extending to April 22nd. It was the responsibility of the “student teachers” to create lesson plans with each week and then reflect by the end of the week through a journal entry which was posted on the Concepts in Art Education website, allowing our classmates and professor to read about our experiences, whether they be challenging or successful.